Our Story

We delight in producing the Best Goat Milk in Chiriqui, Panama! This ambitious project begun in August of 2008. It has been a long journey, but worth every moment! While there is still so much to learn and contribute to, we are very proud of the footsteps we have left behind in our community:

The First Challenge

Finca La Caprichosa Goat Milk Panama Chriqui About Us

What our property had in terms of natural beauty, it initially lacked in infrastructure. So, we spent the first 6 years carving out roads, mending fences, and preparing areas for future building.

The Next Hurdle

Our first building was completed in 2014 and we were finally ready to dive into goat farming! We brought electricity to our farm. But the next biggest hurdle was finding goats! It turns out that high quality goats are difficult to find in Panama, and there are few people who know much about them.

Often times perceived as ‘small cows’, goats are largely misunderstood, in terms of their feeding patterns, nutritional needs and vulnerability to parasites and other diseases. We researched extensively how to care for our goats. The one thing we have learned is that a happy goat will produce the best milk. This is why our goats are always happy!

Bringing Water to the Finca

Our first lot of goats arrived in 2015. The barn was in the process of being constructed, and we started planting crops of tall grasses, sugar cane and boton de oro with the hopes of being self-sustaining.

Then the dry season was upon us! Quickly, we realized that water was going to be an issue. Although the Finca has its own water tank, we designed the barn to be cleaned with a minimal use of water, yet manageable to clean and keep the animals healthy.

Goat Milk Underway!

The milking facilities were completed in January of 2016, and shortly thereafter, our first batch of goat babies arrived! We began a registry of our animals and focused efforts on synchronizing mating and delivery schedules, to ensure that we had a continual supply of the highest quality milk, always caring for the health and well-being of our animals!

See for yourself why ours is the best goat milk in Chiriquí! Contact us today!

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